Student Ministry Mission Journey | St. Louis, MO


June 17 - 21, 2024




Missouri Baptist University
1 College Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141 United States

Join us for our 3rd student mission trip, this time to St. Lois, MO to attend Lifeway’s MFUGE, designed to give students a mission experience that opens their eyes to similar opportunities they may have to serve in their own communities, learning to live life each day on mission!  We will participate in Bible study and service, as well as exploring the city of St. Louis, MO.

Many times throughout history, we have seen the people of God rise up and turn back to Him with passion and fervor for the faith in times of great revival.  What is revival?  It isn’t goosebumps or an emotional high.  Revival is the spiritual awakening of God’s people to their true nature and purpose.  Revival is mainly for God’s people, but those who do not know Christ also benefit because Christians actually get serious about their faith.

Has the time come for another great revival?  Will your generation lead the way?  Join us for MFUGE Camps 2024 as we look at four stories in the Bible of great change and revival that resulted in generational impact and be challenged to make a difference for generations to come.

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Parent Meeting | May 19 @ 12:15pm




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