CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We are currently suspending our worship gatherings on-campus and invite you to join us online for our worship experience. Click here for more information. ×

Worship Times

Each week, you’ll experience Bible-based teaching, moving worship, and a relaxed atmosphere. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early to park and check in for childcare.


9:00 AM
10:30 AM

Location & Directions

2510 8th Ave S, 1st Floor
Nashville TN 37204

Parking Map

(615) 850-3150

  • Our Story

    Brentwood Baptist Church started in 1969 with a long term vision for loving God and loving people. As the church has grown throughout the years, so has its desire to make an impact outside of the Brentwood community. Many members have had an increasing burden to serve and reach the residents of Nashville.

    A group of core leaders began praying about focusing our efforts on making an impact in Nashville with the good news of Jesus in Fall 2012. In the spring of 2013, the vision of establishing this  regional campus, The Church at Avenue South, was born. 

    Jesus has placed our church family in a building with roots that reach deep into the history of Music City. We are in the thriving area of Melrose and we want our campus to be a symbol of hope and love, by serving the growing community where we live. We want our city to be better because the Christians are here.

    Our congregation serves people in Melrose, Berry Hill, Belmont, 12 South, and surrounding areas. With the continued growth of our community, we’re excited about the future and all that we will be able to do together.

  • What We Believe

    Our mission is to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody.

    Simply put, we believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Everything we are and everything we have comes from Him and works together for His purpose. And so we worship Him.

    We believe that the Bible is God’s true and perfect Word. It is our road map for navigating this journey we call life. And so we actively pursue discipleship of Jesus through the study of the Scriptures.

    We believe that Jesus came into the world not to condemn the world, but to save it. We believe that we are most like Him when we show love for one another through relationships and through service.

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  • Our Multi-Campus Model

    A few years ago, Brentwood Baptist Church leadership recognized the value of regional campuses in multiple communities throughout the greater Nashville area. In 2010, the church established its first regional campus—The Church at Station Hill. In 2014, three additional campuses—The Church at Avenue South, The Church at West Franklin, and The Church at Woodbine—joined the Brentwood Baptist family. In 2016, our fifth regional campus, The Church at Lockeland Springs, was added, and in 2018 The Church at Nolensville will launch. 

    The mission of the church is the same at every campus location: engaging the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody. Every campus shares this same DNA through a common mission, vision, and message. However, each campus has the flexibility to contextualize ministry to its unique community under the leadership of its own campus pastor.

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  • Governance

    The Church at Avenue South's governance structure falls under that of Brentwood Baptist Church. It is based on the biblical principle that the local church is an autonomous, self-governing body of baptized believers and is accountable to God for its decisions and actions.

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    Employment Opportunities

    Interested in working for Avenue South or Brentwood Baptist Church? We are frequently hiring for both ministerial and administrative positions and would love to have you apply.

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What to Expect

  • Capacity

    Our Worship Center comprises a large part of our building capacity, and it has a seating capacity of 290 seats. The rest of the building is classrooms, as well as a gathering space for preschoolers and children. 

    We value building relationships, and that happens in the church building on Sundays. But, often times meaningful relationships are nurtured outside the church building, during the week.

  • Environment

    When you enter our building you’ll find a casual atmosphere, friendly faces and warm coffee to get you going. We encourage you to come as you are, so there’s no need to dress up or just because you’re entering a church building. We hope you’ll make yourself at home.

  • Music

    Our worship service is led by a combination of leadership and a worship band. Our style includes hymns and newer songs based on Scripture—providing something for everyone to participate in worship and an easy way to connect to Jesus.

  • Teaching

    Our pastor's approach is to teach the truth of the Bible for the purpose of transforming lives. By digging into Scripture and providing application, we encourage our people to be hearers and doers of the Word.