W and T

West Asia ()

W and T are Oasis Rest home hosts in an ancient, Biblical city. Their Oasis home for global workers and Christian leaders provides personal retreat for physical, spiritual, and emotional strength while processing unresolved or crucial issues. They will provide rest through a safe space where transformative healing can begin via debriefing, spiritual direction, Biblical-pastoral care, and encouragement to their Oasis guests. Partnering together we can turn the tide and lower the risk of burnout for global workers and ministry leaders.

Prayer Needs:

•Favor with officials for Visa and Residence Approval and daily logistics 

•Spiritual strength and diligence to maintain a vibrant spiritual life with Sabbath rhythms and prayer

•Spiritual growth and protection for our boys in the States 

•May our Oasis home be a blessing to others – a place of peace and joy for God’s transformation to happen. 

•May our words and deeds be Christ-like, full of grace, kindness and respect when faced with cultural stresses. 

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