Nick and Lillian

Southeast Asia ()

We help train local Malaysians for church-based ministry by way of teaching seminary courses. Nick teaches Introductory and Intermediate Greek, and the occasional Biblical studies subject. We also serve in various capacities at Gospel City Church KL

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that our family will collectively grow in love for God and one another.
  • Pray for our student’s seminary studies and their  training for gospel ministry.
  • Pray that Gospel City Church is used by God to bring hope, peace, love, and rest, to our corner of KL.
  • Pray for gospel opportunities for which we can share the love of Christ.

More than 615 million southeast Asian souls represent 2,626 indigenous peoples, each with their own language, heritage, and identity. Although the majority identify with a major world religion, animism–worship of spirits–is at the core of what most people truly believe. Less than 5 percent know Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

facts about the gospel in southeast asia

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