Johnny and Anna

North Africa/Middle East ()

We are serving as language teachers in a closed Muslim nation, in a city with no Christian gatherings as part of a church planting team. We teach, try to love our neighbors well, pray and share widely with the hope of making disciples who make disciples.


How you can pray for us:

– For the Father to be plowing in the people’s hearts so they are ready to receive the seed of His good news! For dreams, deep questions, and longing for relationship with Him

– For isolated believers there to find fellowship and grow in their faith (most cities have no known believers, so when someone comes to faith, isolation is real!)

– For discernment as our team makes tough decisions in the midst of ongoing security situations

– For our little family to abide in Christ daily and deeply, and love each other well to glorify Him


the gospel and north africa/the middle east

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