Walking Together Through Life

Good afternoon,

A little over a year ago, my wife and I welcomed our first child, Hudson, into the world and little did we know how much our lives would change. Two months into this journey our son became very sick almost to the point of hospitalization. Over the next five months our lives were consumed with caring for him and making sure he got the best medical treatment possible. Our LIFE Group at church heard what was going on and reached out to us. They provided meals for us, loved on us, encouraged us, supported us, and provided in home care for our son. This group of people became our family, and we did life together with them growing together along the way.

At the Church of Avenue South, we want to create environments like that, where lives are changed as people walk together and stride hand in hand toward Christlikeness. The Christian life is a journey, and we weren't designed by God to embark on this journey independent of others. We need people in our lives to walk alongside as we continue down life's path. And at the Church at Avenue South, LIFE Groups play an important role in connecting people in this way. 

To help people move into LIFE Group environments, we will be hosting a Group Connect event on Sunday, January 11 immediately following the first worship service. Group Connect is an event that gives you a chance to see what types of groups will be offered, meet LIFE Group leaders, and people in a similar stage of life or even a specific area of town. LIFE Group leaders and volunteers are on hand to help you connect with others and start enjoying community with those who actually share your common interests. If you are looking for this type of community we hope to see you there.

To learn more about Group Connect or to register your attendance, please email me.  


Matthew Page

Discipleship Minister at the Church at Avenue South